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Why Your Business Should Have An Active Blog

Why Your Business Should Have an Active Blog

While consumers move online, so should businesses. The online world is fast moving, with information crisscrossing at a very fast rate and big chunks of data moving in less time. This new environment only favours business that are quick to adapt and act to harness the power of the virtual world.  People are always on their screens reading, researching, connecting, purchasing and entertaining. In fact, the Digital Report shows that consumers are online an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes every day, equating to approximately 100 days a year online for an average internet user. Having presence online enables a business to grow tentacles and reach customers beyond their scope. With that said, here are 3 key reasons why a blog in specific play a crucial role.

Content Marketing

Traditionally, successful businesses were dependent on the profits they made and losses they minimized. However, consumer options are increasing and consumers are more intelligent in picking what is suitable for them. The degree to which a business meets the needs of the consumer now becomes a yardstick for successful businesses, as consumers are looking for solutions that address their problems. In most cases, that need might be information.

Leading brands know just that and invest heavily on content marketing, an approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, consistent content to attain and retain a clearly defined audience. According to the Content Marketing Institute, instead of pitching your products or services, content market marketing allows you to provide relevant and useful content to your prospects and consumers to help them solve their issues. By providing this information on your website, you meet a need, make the consumer see your need and they may just see a need to use your products or service.

Show Impact and the ‘human face’

People love reading success stories. They want to know how your business is creating impact for ordinary people like them. Sharing success stories not only increases solidarity for your business but draws new prospects to you. Having a blog enables you to expound how your business is impacting lives from the. This not only shows your relevance but shows the ‘human face’. In most cases, businesses are reduced to mere transactions and lack a ‘human face’, drawing away people. Therefore, sharing a success story brings out humanity that people can connect with. A blog post is an ideal platform to share success stories without length limit and allows multiple visual representations.

Build Lasting Connections

Once a customer buys your product or takes up your service you need to ask yourself ‘What next?’ One should retain customers by building for them a sense of community, allowing them to be part of your story and journey. Having a blog enables you to share your story, milestones and engage with your audience at a personal level. Blogs are timeless as they enable you to share past and current victories as well as your future trajectory.

Unlike other mediums, blogs offer flexibility share your story in longer written, audio and video formats. Sharing your story builds trust and appreciation for what you do for your customers. Enabling them to come into your world and sharing your victories creates a bond with your customers that is reinforced with each post they read. Customers also have an opportunity to engage with you beyond purchasing your product. This makes your brand unforgettable even when they are not purchasing something.

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