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Ways To Boost Your Writing Creativity

Ways to Boost Your Writing Creativity

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Einstein

One of the major ingredients needed for any writing is creativity. It serves as a driver to your writing and a determinant of your end product. We can all tell a creative piece of writing easily. Creativity in the idea and delivery is what mostly is focused on, but what most fail to realize is that creativity starts with the individual. Therefore, a creative person equals to a creative product. While creativity can’t be taught per se, it can be boosted. There are times when we feel creative, our minds filled with ideas and other times our creative juices seem to run low. In such instances, we feel uncreative. However, there are ways, both long-run and immediate, to boost your creativity to keep you writing on.

Take a break

Sometimes, we can fall prey to the pressure of having to constantly work and write. We spend all day with our copies that we overtire, blocking out our minds to the flow of ideas and clear thinking. Not taking the much needed writing breaks puts some form of pressure to your mind, thus blocking your thought process and ultimately chocking your creativity. Putting aside your copy for a while helps you see it with new eyes once you return to it. Seeing your work with new lenses greatly builds your creativity, reinforcing it compared to how you left it.

Pick up a Book

The place of reading to boost creativity cannot be overemphasized. Writers are readers and writing requires creativity which books can provide. Reading stretches your imagination by stimulating the right side of your brain. Research has shown that reading enhances brain connectivity and overall brain function. In addition, reading gives you an ‘aha’ moment that helps you mix and match other people’s ideas with yours, giving birth to a totally new conception. In addition, reading is active meaning that it engages the brain and acts as a form of exercise that boosts creativity. So anytime you feel uncreative, pick up a book, a magazine or any written thing for that matter.

Rest to Readjust

Most times, our creativity is hindered by too much clutter within and around us. We fail to take the much needed rest that rejuvenates us. Try to figure out what brings you the ideal rest, not just for your body, but for your mind as well. Creativity works best, not just in a quiet environment, but also in a quiet mind. Sleeping is one of the most basic but overlooked ways of relaxing. Having quality sleep and taking naps helps improve brain function, helping one wake up with improved mind clarity and renewed ideas. However, set a timer for the period of relaxation- you don’t want to overdo it and give room for sluggishness.

Talk to People

Talking to people works a lot like reading, only that it is a faster process of boosting your creativity. While interacting with people, it is inevitable that you will pick up an idea that will boost your creativity of what someone says and does. Even though you might not directly pick an idea, spending time with people helps strengthen your relationships that leave you feeling happier, more refreshed and inevitably more creative.

Get active

An active body determines how your mind functions and it is no wonder exercise is greatly recommended. When it comes to boosting your writing creativity, staying physically active cannot be overlooked. Not only are you confined to exercise, but travelling, talking walks, hiking, playing a game or engaging in something active you enjoy boosts your creativity. This is because when doing a physical activity, your body produces endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormones. So if you feel good, you will think good, boosting your creativity.

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