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The 4Rs To Becoming A Better Writer

The 4Rs to becoming a Better Writer

Before becoming a better writer, you need to be writing, anything. It does not matter the level of your skill, but if you write, there is always room to becoming a better writer. Being a better writer does not mean you are not already a good writer, but that there is always something to learn and refine. Here are four ways, we call the 4Rs that will help you become a better writer:

1. Read

You might have heard that all writers are readers, this may sound cliché but the caveat lies in not just reading anything. Reading does not necessarily make one a good writer, but reading the right thing will definitely make you a better writer. What is the right thing then, you may ask?  Whatever the type of writer you are, follow that path and develop your niche. If you are a poet, reading novels may not necessarily help you improve your poetic form and vice versa. Although reading outside your niche is equally important, if you want to learn a specific kind of writing, then you may want to narrow down. Reading serves as a form of research and helps you acquire new knowledge and sharpen your skills.

2. Rediscover

With writing once you feel you have reached the peak, you will realize that there are more mountains to conquer. One good way to rediscover yourself as writer is by giving your copy to a friend or a set of new eyes to read, and let them tell you what they think of it. You could also start a blog and see how the feedback is. In order to become a better writer, you have to be willing to go to the dissecting table, you will be surprised what you find out.

Another way of rediscovering is by experimenting. Although you might be passionate and talented with a certain form of writing, experimenting with various forms of writing will help you rediscover strengths you may not have been aware of. If you already know and established your writing form, then try experiment with different styles. To be a better writer, you always have to push your limits, and travel in unknown roads. Again, you will be surprised what you find out.

3. Remember

In order to be a better writer, you need to remember in two folds. First, you need to constantly remind yourself why you got into writing in the first place. This will help feed your drive to write more, improving with each stroke. Sometimes writing may tend to lose its lustre when you forget why you started doing it in the first place. Were you passionate about a certain topic? Did it help calm your nerves? Was it a good pass time? Did it help a reader? Whatever the reason, always remind yourself why you started writing. This will light the spark in you and light up the path of you becoming a better writer.

Not only does remembering your drive help, but remembering your surroundings as well. You may have heard that the power of observation should not miss in a writer. However, observation may limit you to the present situation and environment, but remembering covers all loopholes. Bringing to remembrance will help you see past events or matters with a new set of eyes. How you viewed something as a child is probably different to how you view it now. Recalling past occurrences in a different light will help your creative juices flow and make you a better writer.

4. Revisit

Lastly, one of the best ways to becoming is revisiting and reading your old pieces. Read as an outsider and note down the good points and what could be improved without bias. This will automatically make you improve in future as you consciously register what you need to improve. Is it grammar, spelling, structure or descriptions? Your previous works will definitely inform you on what to enhance or improve in order to become a better writer.

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