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Making Your Writing Persuasive

Making Your Writing Persuasive

Regardless of whether you are a copywriter, author, student or academic expert, the art of persuasive writing is an extremely valuable skill to learn. Here are tips to making your writing more persuasive:

  1. Keep It Simple

If you present the information in a complex way, you’re more likely to confuse your readers. You can’t persuade them if you confuse them—because they’ll usually quit reading before you’ve ever made your case. So, keep your writing clear and straightforward so that it will be easier to read and understand.

  1. Be Consistent

When people are faced with inconsistencies, they tend to get skeptical and lose trust—both of which are huge roadblocks to persuading someone. So, as you’re editing, it’s important to find and correct any inconsistencies in your writing.

  1. Show Empathy

If you’re asking readers to take action, there’s a good chance they’re trying to solve a problem. That’s where empathy comes in.

  1. Use Proof

People are naturally skeptical when someone is trying to persuade them. If you’re asking people to make a decision or take action, they might not be convinced it’s in their best interest.

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